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It counts only the ids of the query-loop - it seems its not really needed there but as I state it, I have to go deeper in the code to optimize it. If you should get an SQL error for that, then try to remove it. This file is made for my own website but it seems I missed something to put it in the download-package. I will test it in the next days. I removed it and I updated the GIST-file.

I will create a fixed version for RN252 on php7. There I will fix some issues and after that I will create a new version for RavenCMS.

RN252 is a php7-ready BETA version, based on RN251. If you are able to run an local test server on your local computer, then keep an eye on it but take care - its a BETA.


On Windows are existing some tools for local test-servers like xampp, ampp, wamp etc. I'm using WAMP since some years with great results.

Sounds like an issue with your hosting company.
OK, thanks.
Is there a way to download Raven CMS? I haven't tried it out yet.
hicuxunicorniobestbuildpc wrote:
This music is not for sale. It is mine!

It's not yours. The artist has granted you to listen to his music by paying for it.
If it was your music, then you made it yourself with: instruments, microphones, computers and probably an audio studio.
Read: http://www.opi-aruba.org/copyrights_answer.htm
And: https://www.bumastemra.nl/faq/online/
And: https://stichtingbrein.nl/wat-mag-niet.php

hicuxunicorniobestbuildpc wrote:
The music is not to download neralex. It is only to listen

listen = download

You can use https://www.google.com/search?q=Royalty+free+music

Same problem with http://www.bestbuildpc.org/gallery.html you are not allowed to share/copy copyrighted photo's
It worked
Thanks anyway, Im not in a hurry. Good luck with your exam. Let me know later. This file really need a treatment and clean code. I always wanted to fix this mess. See ya around.
There some functions, which are not in your posted code. So I can't test it. Please upload the install-package of this module, all files and and an sql-file with the database-stucture without data and send it as compressed ZIP or RAR archive via PM.
This solved the problem!!! Very Happy but the file is really old.
I guess you are able to compare your old code and my changes. So it should be easy for you to identify the difference between both. I tested it with a local installation of RavenNuke 252. The generated article-links are exactly the same. And I guess you are also able to copy the not working links into the clipboard, that would make it possible to compare between your working links. But without all these results, noone can help you.

In php5.6 was made many changes and many old functions like eregi etc are deprecated or were removed completely. So if you had only switched the php-version without own code changes on the php-files, you would run in more issues like that. So I guess an mix of some of your own made changes and some deprecated/removed php-functions after switching the php-version are causing your issues. With php7 you will get much more issues like that.

Create an backup of your running website, install the backup on a local server like wamp or xampp, use php7, activate the error-reporting and start a research through the massive count of error-messages.

Good luck!


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