Happy New Year 2006 phpnuke users

Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2005 @ 19:34:32 PST in Community
by Raven

phoenix-cms writes:  
Hello and welcome phpnuke users. phpnuke has become very activae over the last 6 months many thousands of people are using phpnuke all around the world. from getting that hobbie online, starting up your first e-business venture, Schools or just enjoy developing to the best opensource and widly used cms phpnuke. i would like to annouce the following key projects of 2005 nukeresouces.com & nukefixes.com phpnuke patched series (big thanks to chatserve, Evaders99 quake and everyone else who helped make this possible) nukecops.com now a widly used site by many phpnukers from seeking expert or users help or helping the community with there project and much much more 64bit.us Steph Benoit of 64bit.us has been working very hard over many months making the first true 100% w3c phpnuke this is the continuation of phpnuke patched of nukefixes called After-Patched where once all default fixes have been applyed to phpnuke Steph Benoit of 64bit.us helps to take phpnuke to a new level 2006 is going to be a great year for phpnuke.for us phpnukers with a true 100% w3c and search engine friendly cms ( many thanks Steph you helped make this possible) for more infomation on after patched visit 64bit.us and check out Steph w3c phpnuke 7.8 domain at http://78.64bit.us ravenphpscripts.com has been very busy this year, who always been there providing phpnuke support, for anyone needing help or advice and now his been working on a phpnuke bundle with all the modules, security tweaks that phpnuke members request get intergrated so your have a trouble free install with all the tools your going to use. and also big thanks for helping with nukescripts.net nuke sentinal security when there ever an issue your always there to help solve our problems and help keep phpnuke secure. ( many thanks for all the support for phpnuke !) Key Community Projects. Read more ....- nukekorea.net has released many addons this year and this year key product would have to be AUM 0.9.9 enhanced phpnuke account module and the current development of ch-series Categories hierarchy of phpnuke modules ( many thanks to NukeKorea, ToolBox and support to the community) bbtonukemods.com has been busy developing and porting phpbb content over to nukebb curent released mods are ..... - Attachment Mod 2.4.0, Advanced Username Color 1.0.5, And under development phpbb Mood Mod (many thanks to CurtisH & mighty_y for there development and support to the community) dadanuke.org has been developming many modules and i thought i bring up dadahost, many phpnukers always ask if they can use phpnuke for webhosting. so if you own your own host or a hosting reseller phpnuke and dadahost is for you. "complete, fully customizable web hosting solution for PHP-Nuke. Very flexible! Whether you are web or game hosting, DaDaHost allows you (with over 100 configuration settings!) to customize your hosting packages any way possible. Requires PHP-Nuke 7.8 and higher. Version 1.6 includes updated and fixed code, right blocks for all forms, reformated legal documentation, more direct and friendlier naming conventions, and added auto-insert user variables." (many thanks to dadanuke.org and his development keep up the great work !) www.westernstudios.net has been developing so very usefull modules over the last few months like WS_Subscriptions so now you can turn your phpnuke sites into a pay site with nsngroups and phpbb intergration. Features:
-Automatically approve subscribers after payment or manually approve.
-Add subscription to any phpnuke member.
-Delete or add/minus days from subscribers.
-Create multiple subscriptions.
-Display all subscribers with search feature.
-Earnings report.
-Integrate NSN Groups.
-Allow new member sign up only when subscription is paid.
-Much more.... (many thanks to westernstudios.net for his development towards phpnuke) there so many phpnuke projects out there and i cant even pin point the best of 2005 but i thought these were keypoints that could help any phpnuke users get them started. many thanks to everyone who made this possible!
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Re: Happy New Year 2006 phpnuke users (Score: 1)
by phoenix-cms on Saturday, December 31, 2005 @ 22:12:40 PST
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lets all get envolved 2006 is going to be a big year for phpnuke developers.

Re: Happy New Year 2006 phpnuke users (Score: 1)
by stefvar
on Monday, January 02, 2006 @ 02:58:06 PST
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Happy new year all from France

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