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Content Plus 2.1.1 Released, Celebrate and Download
Date: Thursday, July 31, 2008 @ 14:06:36 PDT
Topic: Add-Ons

After some some days of heavy testing the release candidates (3 in total) I am very proud to introduce the new and improved Content Plus for PHP-Nuke and RavenNuke™. It definitely worth the wait, lots of bugs have been fixed, many things have improved, many things have been enhanced. In summary:

v2.1.1 (July, 2008)

* Heavy improvements for speed.
* Fixed a bug when there are no pages within one category in list pages function.
* Fixed a bug in printPDF & print_page when a pagebreak is present.
* Added pagination function in user side for sites with lots of content pages.
* Added upload system for image categories.
* Redesigned the non categorized content list.
* Automagic integration with TegoNuke Mailer.
* As usual, code cleaned up and validated.
* Included italian language file by default (Thanks Vecchio Joe).
* Fixed aome PHP errors/warnings.
* New icon theme & new logo.
* Redesigned the featured content output.
* Lot of minor fixes/enhancements.

Do not miss even one more minute and DOWNLOAD your copy right now and start enjoying the great and unique features of this powerful module.

Travel over to http://slaytanic.sourceforge.net and find more great stuff for your PHP-Nuke/RavenNuke site, register an account and start sharing your experiences, help to solve known problems, help transtaing to your native language and more. What are you waiting for? Come join us...

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